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Heritage is an internationally recognized and significant cultural art-form that creates an important medium for communication and personal expression.

Jennifer Money


Jennifer is the daughter of Donna Warren (Lytton Indian Band) and Steven Money (Westbank First Nation). Jennifer is currently completing her Masters studies in Indigenous Public Health while concurrently serving as an EDC for WFN and owning and operating Focus on Fascia. She is proud a mother to a tenacious two-year-old, member of WFN and an avid consumer of all things music and art.

Danielle Crowe


Danielle is the daughter of Chantal Bigras and Ronald Crowe. She is of Algonquin decent and has been working in the tattoo industry for 13 years. She created and operated the Okanagan Tattoo Show for five years while raising two beautiful daughters and was an award-winning small business owner of the largest tattoo shop in Kelowna.

Tina Larouche


Tina is the daughter of Carole Saultier and Nick Larouche, mother of two grown daughters and is a proud member of the Peter Balantyne Indian Band. She has been working in the Indigenous non-profit sector for over 16 years. Tina is a passionate advocate for fundamental right to housing for Indigenous people and has served as the Indigenous Representative for Canada on the Canadian Housing Renewal Association, Director for BC Non-profit Housing Association as well as Vice President for the Aboriginal Housing Management Association.Tina served in the Journey Task Force for the City of Kelowna and the Community Advisory Board for homelessness.

Hailey Causton

Cultural Director

Hailey is the daughter of Sandi Alexander and Wilfred Barnes, proud member of Westbank First Nation and mother to two young boys. She is an avid language activist who is well-rooted in her community, culture and language. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Indigenous Studies as well as serving as the Family Program Coordinator for Westbank First Nation.

Barbara Jagodics

Artistic Director

Barbara is the daughter of Ida Emile and Bill Jagodics and is a proud member of the Tsq’escenemc Shuswap First Nation. She is deeply rooted in the Arts community and has participated in over 40 performance productions over the past 15 years in all capacities, her favorite being on–stage and directing. She has dedicated most of her artistic career to Rainbow Productions, an Indigenous production company tasked with raising awareness about Indigenous issues. She has spent most of her professional career working with vulnerable people in education, employment and service work in the Non-profit sector.

Dani Lion

Talent Manager

Dani is the daughter of Pris Mueller and Reginald Mueller and is of Secwepemc and Carrier Dene decent. Dani hails from a long line of Matriarchs and is a passionate and vivacious performer who proudly represents her Indigenous roots in every performance she does. Her areas of focus are passion projects that bring people together through music, art, dance and culture. “May my music and my light be medicine for the people.

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The purpose of the event is to showcase the music, art, history and culture of a diversity of First Nations people.