Heritage is an internationally recognized and significant cultural art-form that creates an important medium for communication and personal expression.

Mob Bounce


“Hip-Hop + Sacred Space” is an interactive workshop that provides youth the opportunity to learn Mob Bounce’s approach to combining cultural ways of knowing with contemporary methods of musical and artistic expression. Through this process, Mob Bounce teaches concepts and techniques in understanding and developing Sacred Space with lyric writing as a primary tool.

To Mob Bounce, a Sacred Space is where we get to connect with spirit, personal power, and potential. Learn about song structure, lyric writing and/or beat making in a safe space

MS Panik


Join Ms.PANIK and her Boss-300 loop station for a crash course in the basics vocal work, improvised sounds and looping for live performance, composition & songwriting. Ms.PANIK will lead you through her journey of discovery & the joy of Looping – – -breaking down her tracks and creating some new ones! Learn the basics of the Boss-300 loop station and get live demonstration and instruction on how to use layered loops of guitar, percussion, and vocal harmonies. Come play: exploring sound and word while getting a feel for the composition of dynamic multi-track loops, and melodic soundscapes live & on-the-fly.

Joey Stylez


The Paths To Success In The Entertainment Industry Join Joey Stylez as he navigates you on a clear path of what it takes to make a viable living off of music, art & entertainment. With over 15 years experience in the business Joey will work with participants to break down the tools, skills, journey, and opportunities to a successful career. From writing Grants, to setting up online stores or the traditional hand to hand sales approach, he outlines the pros and
cons of each technique, and shares the realistic expectations and work ethic needed to make a successful career in the industry! Joey Stylez will have participants engaged and leave with a strong sense of self value and direction needed to make it as an independent entrepreneur.

Kelly Fraser


Join Juno-nominated artist Kelly Fraser from Nunavut Hitmakerz to learn about how she incorporates her Inuktitut culture with contemporary pop music to create a unique sound all her own. Learn different approaches to choosing harmonic progressions that will help you create memorable melodies with a distinctly Indigenous flare.

Rob Sawan K.A.S.P


Joint Rob Sawan KASP as he breaks down how to record a song! You will work on many different aspects of recording in a multitrack studio. Learn how to use industry standard software. Explore the possibilities using K.A.S.P.’s mobile recording software in audio production: creating, recording, sampling, mixing and much more.

Leonard Raphael


Leonard is from the Thompson Nation but has resided in the Okanagan Nation for 23 years. He is very knowledgeable about his culture and traditions and is an active promoter of First Nations Awareness. He is passionate about the health and welfare of Indigenous people and can discuss with you family values as well as traditional medicines in the area.

Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society Drummers


Gary Wong, Wallace Walters and Kenny Marianne. This group of drummers are our local Friendship Society drum group. They provide a men’s healing circle for local Urban Aboriginals. Their workshop will be drumming and singing with a hand drum and ways to self- healing and reflection. They also will have a table of local Aboriginal arts and crafts.

Keven Cooke


Keven began carving masks as a hobby in 2010. His mission is to provide the highest quality Aboriginal Ceremonial Regalia and Art object for Traditional Art lovers. He makes amazing buffalo and elk hide drums, which will be for sale. You can also buy custom made products. Keven will demonstrate the stages of constructing authentic Indigenous drums.

Arlette Alcock


Métis-Canadian folk musician, songwriter and social activist. Arlette is best known for performing her outspoken songs which details the past and current challenges facing Metis and Aboriginal Canadians. Since 1997 she has released two full-length albums of original music under the mononym Arlette. Both albums have received extensive Aboriginal Radio airplay in Canada and the United States. Arlette has been nominated for a variety of Aboriginal music awards in North America and won the Songwriter of the Year award at the
Native-E Music Awards in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She will be performing and teaching about her history..

Theresa Bishop


Theresa Bishop was born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She is the oldest of 3. Born into a mixed race family, her dad being Cree and her mom Non-Aboriginal, she had to endure racial diversity from a young age. This singer-songwriter has carved her way through inner healing using the power of music and culture as a tool. Part of the Cawasis First Nations reserve outside of Regina, Saskatchewan, she is fully committed to healing through the creative arts, and helping others to see how to make their own way through traumas using, not only their voices, but also their experiences as a tool for communal healing. Theresa will sing as well as do mini-workshops with families on how  to start writing music from the heart.

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The purpose of the event is to showcase the music, art, history and culture of a diversity of First Nations people.