Heritage is an internationally recognized and significant cultural art-form that creates an important medium for communication and personal expression.

Blue Moon Marquee

Blue Moon Marquee is primarily a live duo with the energy and sound of a full band.

Colette, the rhythm section, not only commands the upright bass but also brings the swing with her feet on the kick drum, snare and high hat, all while singing harmonies. Cardinal is of the screaming and hollering blues tradition with distinctive thick and smoky vocals that barrel out like a raging bull. His guitar crackles with the swinging energy of jazz tinged blues. Jazz clubs and crowded bar rooms. Low light and Blue smoke. Blue Moon Marquee has a sound largely influenced by old delta blues, swing, jazz and ragtime.

Miss Dani Lion

Miss Dani Lion is a sensation whose passions, creations, and expressions are making their moves through the airwaves and are sure to catch your ear and steal your heart.

A lover of people her all original, urban angelic free-styles emanate from her very being with stanzas designed to move your mind and set your soul alight. A love lion amongst the electronic music family, she will have you dancing on your feet and spreading love on the streets, with her melodic rhymes, symphonic grime and heart pumping soul vibes.

DJ Kookum

Cheyanna Kootenhayoo, better known as DJ Kookum, is a Vancouver-based DJ and filmmaker, paving the way for Indigenous representation in music.

DJ Kookum has worked with some of Canada’s biggest acts in Indigenous Hip-hop, including Mob Bounce, Drezus, and Snotty Nose Rez Kids, to name a few. As a resident DJ at the Biltmore Cabaret, DJ Kookum mixes a diverse blend of Trap, Hip-hop, R&B, and EDM.

Elk The Moose

Elk The Moose is a roots/folk/reggae based out of Kelowna, BC.

Kevin Inch and Kyle Chivers originated out in Peterborough, ON, with their blend of folk and reggae music. Soulful vocals, hypnotic rhythms, passionate songs about land, relationship, and personal struggles, their live performance is a perfect blend of soulful melody, and raw sound.

Joey Stylez

Joey Stylez is an award winning singer-songwriter, rapper, Indigenous activist, visual artist and fashion designer, who hails from Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

Winner of the 2017 Indigenous Music Awards “Best Rap/Hip Hop Album”, Joey continues his success by reaching #1 with his recent single/music video “Save Your Soul”. The Track, featuring Blackkiss airs on NCI FM & Sirius XM Indigenous Music Countdown. In 2013 he was listed in the “Top 25 rappers of all time in Canada” by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Joey Stylez is at the forefront of a movement that is bringing Indigenous talent to a wider population with sounds and imagery that share love, empowerment, adversities, truth & reconciliation. He creates sounds that all can feel, dance to & enjoy.

Kelly Fraser

Originally from Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, Kelly has performed countless concerts across Canada (especially the Arctic).

She is extremely well-known in Nunavut and Nunavik. Her new album is influenced by contemporary pop, EDM, and hip-hop. Kelly sings and raps in both English and Inuktitut, seamlessly blending the two languages with her powerful, insightful, and politically-relevant lyrics. Her goal is to make the music speak to both Inuit and Qallunaat (“southerners”).

Mob Bounce

Mob Bounce is a Hip Hop duo that formed in 2010.

They’ve been travelling Canada facilitating lyric writing and beat making workshops in partnership with N’we Jinan and ArtsCan Circle, along with performing throughout British Columbia, as far as Ottawa, Ontario. Travis Hebert aka. Earthchild and Craig Edes aka. The Northwest Kid have had three number one singles on the Indigenous Music Countdown and are 2017 Indigenous Music Awards nominees. They are set to release their third album project and first studio EP titled “Transformation EP” in spring of 2019.


Ms. PANIK is a Haida Alternative, Experimental, R&B/Soul, FolkHopSoul Pioneer & Loop Poet.

Ms. PANIK performs original multi-genre music & lyrics. She combines folk rock guitar with HipHipSoul/R&B inspired vocals to create electronic Loop Poetry and live production performances tailored for each audience.

Nuge Bird

Nuge Bird, the local human instrument, began beatboxing as a youth after watching the vocal band HOJA spit some of their own beats.

Since then, Bird has honed the skill and used it to cope with difficult situations he encountered in his youth, but his tribulations have led to him to develop an arsenal of sounds holstered in his esophagus. He was also chosen to be featured in a documentary “True Calling” for his unique abilities.

Kelly Derrickson

Kelly Derrickson is a First Nation artist from Westbank, British Columbia.

She studied music and earned her degree at the prestigious Berklee College of Music for Music Business and Performing Arts. She won the 2015 Coachella Valley Music Award for Best Country Artist and won Best New Artist at the 2015 and 2016 Indigenous Music Awards. Over time, she has developed a style called Country Tribal Rock, unique to her and never done before. She is versatile, even releasing a version of Amazing Grace, one of the best known Christian Gospel classics.

Rob Sawan

K.A.S.P is a multi-award winning Aboriginal Hip-Hop Artist, Facilitator and Motivational Speaker hailing from the Okanagan Nation and Penticton Indian Band. 

He opened many shows, including the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards and Performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics, hosted the the Closing Ceremonies for the BC Summer Games.

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